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Beggar's Tomb Silver

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Hand crafted jewelry, made in the Northwest, naturally inspired.
"Beggar's Tomb" is the name of a silver mine in the lyrics of a song... 
*Prices are subject to change without notice.* 

My Newest
Did you get to see the eclipse?  I live close to the path of totality and was able to see the cosmic event. It was truly magnificent. Of course I was inspired, weren't we all? Shown below is the necklace, 1-1/4" wide discs of silver and brass slip and slide to reveal and hide. 18" sterling silver chain.  $68 eclipseneckft.jpg 
Event Calendar:

The Portland Saturday Market
***Open for the Season***

I am usually located under the roof, or somewhere near it.
Please inquire at the Information Booth,
the red trailer at the crosswalk on Naito Pkwy. 
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Retail Outlets
Please note that the shop(s) below do not necessarily carry all of my designs.
Gazelle Natural Fibre Clothing
4100 NE Fremont Portland, Or 97212
Coming Soon to the San Francisco Bay Area!
LunaSea in Pescadero

How do I order?

See the Etsy information above.

Wholesale inquiries, please click the "wholesale information" link above.

All of my designs that are currently in production are pictured.
Click on the collection links at the top of each page.  
Please take the time to scroll all the way through each collection.

 How to clean? 
       Clean shiny pieces with a jeweler's cloth or a soft cotton cloth, and a little saliva. 
Clean the brushed finish with a clean, dry, Scotchbrite Pad or any other synthetic scrub pad.
        Clean antiqued/oxidized pieces by gently rubbing them with a soft cotton cloth.

What are the ear wires made of?
I use sterling silver or 14 karat gold for all my ear wires.

What kind of metal?
    The metals I use are sterling silver, brass, copper, steel, and gold.

Where is Beggar's Tomb Silver?
       Please refer to my event calendar, and my retail outlet listings on this page.

Something repaired, replaced or made?
        You can contact me for repairs, 
replacements, or custom work,
I do most of my custom work in January & February.

Is this really hand made in the Northwest?
All my pieces are hand made by me, Catherine Stemper.
I do not do any casting, everything is built with sheet metals and wires.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.
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eclipselgerft.jpg          eclipsesmerftsit.jpg  

Solar Eclipse

Large earrings, 1-1/4" diameter, hang from my unique hoop style ear wire, $48.

Small earrings, 7/8" diameter, hang from my hand twisted french style ear wire. $38

The moon disc is sterling silver that has been reticulated to mimic the moon's surface, oxidized so it is dark like the new moon and cupped.The sun disc is shiny brass with the date and time of totality in my area.eclipsesmerbk.jpg


butterfly.jpgSummer Days Flutter Away

As the warm days fade into cool nights, this necklace will hold the memories of meadows, lakes, and trails that this lovely little creature inhabits. Blue Butterfly Necklace $148, Garden Collection


 leaving only Flowers and Twigs

Items from my Garden Collection are shown above

Hellebore Bracelet/Necklace $168

Cherry Blossom Bracelet/Necklace $198

Pussy Willow Necklace $148


 and longer Starry nights...

Inspired by the stars Altair and Terazet, Sterling and steel are twisted together to create this graphic design in simple earrings.

long delicate earrings (shown) $28

short chunky earrings (not shown) $38

24" long chunky necklace $148

28" long statement necklace, $198 

30" long statement necklace, $248