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Beggar's Tomb Silver

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Hand crafted jewelry, made in the Northwest, naturally inspired.
"Beggar's Tomb" is the name of a silver mine in the lyrics of a song... 

Event Calendar:

The Portland Saturday Market
is closed until March 5th.

I will be vending occasionally, especially during nice weather.
I usually attend Saturday and Sunday.
My booth location changes.
Please inquire at the Information Booth (red trailer at Naito Pkwy crosswalk).
Please contact me if you have a question about my attendance. 

Feel free to contact me for any reason.
 To do so, click the blue "contact me" links.
contact me 

Retail Outlets
Please note that the shops below do not necessarily carry all of my designs.
Downtown Emporium, Bellingham, WA
Inside Passage, Bellingham, WA
Magnolia Garden Center, Seattle, WA 
West Seattle Nursery, Seattle , WA
Dandelion Botanicals, Seattle,  WA
Casita International, Seattle WA
 La Tienda, Seattle, WA

Changing Tides, Juneau, AK
Picture Alaska, Homer, AK

How do I order?

Please click a "contact me" link,
send me an e-mail containing your contact information and I will follow up shortly.
I accept all major credit cards via telephone.

 How to clean? 
       Clean shiny pieces with a jeweler's cloth or a soft cotton cloth, and a little saliva. 
Clean the brushed finish with a clean, dry, Scotchbrite Pad or any other synthetic scrub pad.
        Clean antiqued pieces by gently rubbing them with a soft cotton cloth.

What are the ear wires made of?
I use sterling silver or 14 karat gold for all my ear wires.

What kind of metal?
    The metals I use are sterling silver, brass, copper, steel, and gold.

Where is Beggar's Tomb Silver?
       Please look at my event calendar, and my retail outlet listings on this page.

Something repaired, replaced or made?
        You can contact me for repairs, 
replacements, or custom work,
I do most of my custom work in January & February.

Is this really hand made in the Northwest?
All my pieces are hand made by me, Catherine Stemper.
I do not do any casting, everything is built with sheet metals and wires.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.
contact me 


Keep warm this winter...

Golden leaves, burnished seeds, gleaming needles give back the warmth of summer in their tones.  Copper and brass compliment the dark tones of a winter wardrobe.  Hemlock Cone earrings, copper $78, Fir Twig Bracelet/ Necklace $168Ponderosa Pine Bark Pin/Pendant $148.  See more of these designs in the Forest Collection.

I have completely updated my website.  All of my designs that are currently in production are now pictured. Please take the time to scroll all the way through each collection.  Click on the collection links at the top of each page.  Enjoy!

My newest design and latest use of steel with sterling. Inspired by a pair of stars that swing through the night sky in my backyard every summer.  I look forward to their return every year, it means summer is here.
necklace 30" $398
large earrings $38
small earrings $28
bracelet / necklace $198 (includes length of chain for conversion, not shown)  


Will they fly in Portland this year? If you let them dangle from your ears, then certainly. Hanging from my signature ear wire they appear to float!And of course no two are alike, so the pair is "mismatched".

Sterling Silver $48