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Birch Bark
Brushed sterling silver evokes the paper bark birch.  Shown is the 2" wide bracelet $398. Different widths available, priced accordingly.   Also available are earrings in two styles, hook or french wire (shown) $48.


Ponderosa Pine Bark
earrings $98 sterling, brass, copper, & gold
pin/pendant $148 sterling, brass, copper, & gold
bracelet $398 sterling, brass, copper, & gold

Sterling silver, 14k gold leaves, and freshwater pearl "snowberries" delicately dance around the wrist or neckline or sweetly from the earlobes 
necklace/bracelet $398 (removable chain included)
earrings $178 

Hemlock Cone
earrings $78 antiqued sterling or copper
necklace $128 antiqued sterling or copper, sterling silver chain is 18" long or customized

pin/pendant $38 copper & brass, brass & sterling, sterling & brass, with carnelian  bead 
necklace discontinued
sm. earrings $68 copper & 14K gold, sterling & 14K gold, brass & 14K white gold, w/ carnelian  bead
lg. earrings $128 copper & 14K gold, sterling & 14K gold, brass & 14K white gold, w/ carnelian  bead

Pine Needle
Copper and sterling silver make up this graphic and industrial interpretation of the pine needle.
necklace is 18", $98
earrings $28 




*Prices are subject to change without notice.* 


Juniper Bark 

Inspired by the twisting grey strands of Juniper bark.  Each heavy gauge sterling silver or steel wire is hammered to give it an organic irregular appearance and all loops are soldered together so they shift with eachother, but never come free. The sound as it dances on your wrist is musical.  $398, please indicate small, medium or large.  The earrings are bunches of silver and steel wires wrapped and soldered with my signature ear wire attached, $78. 


Fir Twig
Can be worn as a bracelet (shown)
or as a necklace by adding a chain (included),$168 .
Earrings $68
All items are sterling silver, copper and gold 


Maple Key
necklace $128 sterling or brass, with contrasting beads
lariat necklace $78 
sterling or brass, with contrasting beads
lg. earrings $58 
sterling or brass, with contrasting beads
md. earrings $48 
sterling or brass, with contrasting beads
sm. earrings $28 sterling or brass, with contrasting beads 


Deer Fern
sm. pin/pendant $98 brushed sterling and brass
lg. pin/pendant $128 brushed sterling and brass
sm. earrings $58 brushed sterling and 14K gold ear wires
md. earrings $148 brushed sterling and 14K gold ear wires
lg. earrings $248 
brushed sterling and 14K gold ear wires
bracelet $278 brushed sterling and brass 



hair band $68 shown in brushed silver on copper  and brushed brass on copper, also available with shiny finish.
earrings $48 shown in brushed silver on copper, also available in brushed brass on copper, and shiny finish.
Not Shown: pin $68, available in all the choices listed above, same siize as hair band, 2" diameter.

Snail Shell
Two sided with mechanical movement that reveals a secret and unique word inside.  Copper, brass and sterling with an 18" heavy sterling silver chain $248